Saturday, October 2, 2010

fall's budget wish list

dear sweet readers,

I've been busy interviewing for every darn job out there. It's been daunting, I've made an ass of myself quite a few times, but in retrospect I'll look back on these days fondly -right? Anyways, with the promise of a potential job right around the corner -it's coming, I can feel it- and fall finally creeping through the ninety-degree days, I've devised my perfect fall wish list. It won't really get too chilly down these parts, but I still want to get in on the best fall trends. My unemployment is seriously affecting my budget, so I've tried to keep my wishes within my wallet's reach. That being said, I think its important to treat yourself to some quality pieces. We can all wish can't we?

1. J. Crew Silk Shirt Dress $148
2. Over-the-knee Sox $2.50
3. Striped Contrast Dress $29.80
4. Faux Fur Vest $29.50
5. High Heel Tall Boot $199
6. Punctuation Tights $25
7. Satin Flats $34.99
8. Spiked Necklace $78
9. Sweatshirt Sweater $58
10. Not Dark Skinny Jeans $59.50
11. Silver Stud Earrings $12
12. Matte Black Polish $25
13. Strong Shouldered LBD $80
14. plaid shirt $19.80
15. cord shorts $17.50

what's on your fall wish list?

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